Dr Giri seeks nation’s help to fight terror

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, June 10:

Vice-chairman of the Council of Ministers, Dr Tulsi Giri, said today everybody should support the efforts of the government to fight terrorism. “Why are foreigners such as officials of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner (OHCHR) on Human Rights in Nepal bothered about our internal affairs such as the formation of the NHRC team?” questioned Giri. His response was directed at the recent comment of Ian Martin, the chief of OHCHR in Nepal, concerning the problems the OHCHR was facing to work in the human rights front following the newly appointed NHRC team. “People should stop talking unnecessarily and focus should be on the government’s fight against terrorism,” he said. He was speaking at the National Human Right’s Commission’s fifth anniversary here today. “Although grave human rights violations are reported in countries such as the USA, Russia and others nations, only smaller countries like Nepal face the risk of coming under Item 9 at the UN’s Geneva Convention,” he further said. NHRC chairman Nain Bahadur Khatri said the commission’s “reappointment is in accordance with the statutory process and we need cooperation from all sectors.”