Drivers forced to deliver bombs

Himalayan News Service

Mahendranagar, January 25:

Transport entrepreneurs in Mahendranagar were a terrified lot after Maoists forced two local drivers to deliver bombs to the RNA barracks.

The Maoists stopped a jeep (Ma 1 Ja 64) coming towards Mahendranagar from Atariya at a place called Bani in Krishnapur VDC of Kanchanpur district. They then handed over a time bomb to the driver and asked him to give it to the major at the Devi Box barrack. The Maoists stopped another jeep (Ma 1 Ja 26) headed for Dhangadhi from Mahendranagar at the same place had handed over another bomb to the driver and asked him to hand it over to the army personnel at a barrack in Boradangi.

Fearing action against them, the drivers are reported to have followed the orders and dropped the bomb at the places indicated by the Maoists.