Rajbiraj, September 20

Life has been affected with public vehicles staying off the road for the past three days due to drivers’ protest in Saptari.

The drivers’ protest began from Tuesday against the new Transport Management Act 2018. They said the act was against them. According to the act, drivers’ will be sentenced to 10 years in jail if a passenger dies in an accident. Free Transport Workers’ Association Rajbiraj Municipal Committee has also supported the agitation. The district-based highway, auxiliary roads, among other inner road sections wore a deserted look due to the protests. Passengers were compelled to walk long distances as transport service has halted.

A local at Kanchanrup Municipality Shyam Kumar Paswan said people’s movement had been restricted as vehicles stayed off the road. Patients from rural areas have been adversely affected due to obstruction of transport service. Patients are forced to hire e-rickshaws at an expensive rate to reach different hospitals.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Free Transport Workers’ Association Rajbiraj Municipal Committee Bhola Prasad Yadav said the protest would continue until the act was amended. “Protest is not our interest, but a compulsion,” he added. He said they would not compromise on their demand.