Drones to be used for Biratnagar's development

BIRATNAGAR: Video drone cameras are to be used for facilitating the development and construction works in Biratnagar Metropolitan City.

These technologically advanced devices are going to be used for monitoring various development and construction related works carried out in the past and to be conducted in future, according to mayor of the metropolis Bhim Parajuli.

Inaugurating a sewage treatment plant at local Jatuwa on Thursday, Mayor Parajuli said the use of drone cameras in public construction works would help the metropolitan denizens to track the progress of such public projects.

Filming and mapping of various construction projects in the metropolis is to be carried out using the video drone cameras. This work is being conducted under the STIUIP project in collaboration with CTC Kalika Construction Pvt Ltd.

Utilisation of this technology would make it easy to track the status of a particular development project before it was started and after its completion.