Drought forces Bajura men to leave villages for livelihood

GOTRI, BAJURA: The lack of agricultural production triggered by a long drought has compelled most of the men of Bajura district to go to India to earn livelihood for their family.

According to the District Agriculture Development Office, the drought has affected more than 70 per cent of crops.

As there has been continuous three years of drought in most of the villages of the district, most of the men left country worried of upcoming food scarcity, according to locals.

Saying that the annual production was insufficient even for three months usually, Prem Kumal of the district said that he was going to Mayapuri in India for the job of a security gaurd. He was forced for the same as all the crops were destroyed owing to lack of rainfall and there was no any other option available, he claimed.

Villages looked deserted due to lack of men, said Dhauli Kumal, who had unwillingly sent her husband abroad to earn something for hand-to-mouth existence.

Most of the men have been leaving for Delhi, Mumbai, Kumaon and Shimla among other places of India to work as labourers from the district.