Drug abuse a major challenge: kaski SP

Pokhara, December 16

Superintendent of Police Om Bahadur Rana of District Police Office, Kaski, said drug abuse had become a major challenge in maintaining peace and security in the district.

Speaking at an interaction organised by Press Club Pokhara in Pokhara today, SP Rana said many criminal cases in the district were related to drug abuse. He said some 60 to 80 per cent cases registered with the DPO were mostly related to drug abuse.

SP Rana said he had recommended action against more than 200 drug abusers and peddlers till date. According to him, police found that drug users spent as much as Rs 6,000 a day. SP Rana said drug abusers took loan, sold household goods and even attacked their parents after they ran out of money for drugs.

Rana sought public support to help control drug problems in the district. SPRana said police destroyed many marijuana farms in coordination with the community. He said around 6,000 litres liquor was also destroyed till date. He added that action was taken against 200 people accused of flesh trade, 200 cabbies for cheating customers and Rs 37 lakh was seized from gambling dens, among others.

Kaski Chief District Officer Chakra Bahadur Budha said public support and commitment was needed to minimise criminal cases in the district.