Dysfunctional endoscopy machine hits service delivery at BPKIHS

Sunsari, August 3

With the endoscopy and colonoscopy machines at BP Koirala Institute of Health and Sciences Patients going dysfunctional, patients have been compelled to visit private health clinics, in Dharan, Sunsari.

Patients have no option but to visit private health facilities for treatment. It is said BPKIHS sends patients to Biratnagar-based health facilities for endoscopy and colonoscopy services. Tek Bahadur Bista, a patient, said he reached the hospital for treatment after he had stomach problem. “But patients like me are compelled to pay Rs 12,000 in private clinics for the service which is available for Rs 1,200 at the hospital,” he added. People from low income families in the east reach the hospital in the hope of getting better health services there.

Hospital staffers said the machines could not be repaired due to problems, including one related to the commission involved in the repair of the machines. A BPKIHS staffer said it would take around seven days to repair the machines. Dr Gaurishankar Shah, director of the hospital said they had called engineers to fix the problem in the endoscopy machine.