E-rickshaw gaining popularity in Chitwan

CHITWAN: E-rickshaw has become an effective alternative means of transportation when there is acute shortage of fuel with the unofficial border blockade imposed by India. The use of e-rickshaw has seen abrupt rise after fuel crisis loomed large because of economic blockade imposed by India.

The electronic rickshaw has come into operation here since last mid-July 2015 with the Bharatpur sub-metropolitan city easing its registration.

Currently total 304 e-rickshaw are in operation within Bharatpur sub-metropolis, informed Chitwan Rickshaw Entrepreneurs Committee Chairperson Amrit Kumar Shrestha, Likewise, 22 e-rickahsw are providing service in Ratnanagar town area.

Each e-rickshaw can be purchased at the price range of Rs 280,000 to Rs 320,000. The rickshaw drivers are making daily income of Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 from the operation of four-seat e-rickshaw in Chitwan.

As it does ot use any petroleum products the e-rickshaw is considered environment-friendly.