Early morning storms damage crops, fruits in Sunsari

INARUWA: Strong storms coupled with hailstones and rainfall that occurred all of a sudden early morning today have caused heavy damages to vegetables, crops and nurseries in different parts of the Sunsari district.

Damages were reported in district headquarters Inaruwa, Koshi, Bhokraha, Narsingh, Gadhi, Barju, Harinagar, Dewangunj, Jhumka, Duhabi and other areas.

As per the preliminary estimates, the District Agricultural Development Office, Sunsari, said that crops, fruits and others suffered damages of worth around Rs 10 million.

Similarly, a large number of trees have fallen in most of the affected areas, locals said. The storm started at 4:30 am today caused heavy damages to banana farms, vegetables, forest nurseries and others, according to local farmer Birendra Mehata.

The farmers added that the maize plants that were ready for harvesting were damaged badly while the vegetable nurseries were inundated in the flood.

Similarly, a schoolteacher from Babiya, Dev Krishna Yadav stated that many houses in the district were damages badly from the powerful wind.

Likewise, electricity supply was disrupted from early morning today after the electric pylon collapsed in some locations.

According to the farmers, nearly 80 per cent of the mango, jackfruit and litchi fruits have been damaged in the disaster.