Eastern towns set to begin city bus service

Biratnagar, June 16

Four major towns in the eastern part of the country — Biratnagar, Dharan, Duhabi and Itahari — are preparing to operate city bus service.

Earlier, KP Sharma Oli-led government had mentioned in the budgetary policy that it would provide buses to big cities.

“ After we were told that we would get 15 buses,we prepared to start the city shuttle service from this fiscal itself , but there has been some delay due to elections,” said Biratnagar Executive Officer Dipak Koirala, adding the buses will be operated on the Biratnagar-Dharan route.

“I’ve heard that after the government sent a file seeking budget for the buses, the finance ministry is sitting on the file. We don’t know what is happening lately,” Koirala said further.  Meanwhile, the towns have decided to form a separate company to run the bus service. “As per the model, so far agreed, each city will chip in 50,000 rupees to set up a company initially,” said Koirala.