EC preparing CA poll code of conduct

Kathmandu, June 12:

Chief Election Commissioner Bhoj Raj Pokhrel today said that the Election Commission is going to issue a code of conduct for accomplishment of a free and fair election of constituent assembly.

“We are preparing a code of conduct for effective and convincing monitoring

of the election of the CA. It will be activated in some days after holding some discussions with agents working for monitoring of the poll,” he said addressing an interaction with National Election Monitoring Alliance at the EC.

He also said that the EC will stress on setting qualification for those who intend to monitor election and will also develop a coordination among the monitoring bodies. “There will be a strong mechanism to collaborate among the EC officials, monitors and security bodies on the day of election and homework is being carried out for this these days,” he said.

The EC commissioners and delegations from NEMA agreed that there should be no more dispute on the poll mechanism as there had been a decision that the election should be of mixed type where there will be room both for the first-pass-the-post and proportional types.