EC to advise govt to hold CA elections by mid-February

Biratnagar, January 10:

Election Commissioner Usha Nepal today said that the Election Commission (EC) would advise

the government to announce the date for the constituent assembly (CA) poll by mid-February.

Speaking to journalists here, Nepal said EC is not fixing the date for the CA poll due to technical problems.

“As the interim constitution has not yet been promulgated and the relevant Act on election also has not been introduced, the EC has problems fixing the date for the CA poll,” Nepal said, adding, “The commission is updating voters’ lists now.”

“The government, as per the recommendation of EC, is likely to announce the date for the CA poll by mid-February”, Nepal said, adding, “EC has been carrying out its work focusing that the CA poll will be held by mid-June.”

Saying that EC is committed to holding the CA poll by mid-June, Nepal said, “EC is carrying

on its work with this deadline in mind.”

Saying that the CA election would be historic, Nepal said, “The CA poll is the important event

which will determine the future of the nation.”

Nepal added that the EC has annulled the provision of identity cards for the CA poll. “There was a provision of identity cards for voters in some of the districts. But, as most of the cards are torn, damaged and many contain errors, the old cards will not be used in the CA election,” she said.