Minister for Defence Ishwor Pokhrel speaks after inspecting fast track project in Bara, on Thursday, March 22, 2018. Photo: Puspa Raj Khatiwada
BARA: The Minister for Defence Ishwor Pokhrel asserted that the government has given top priority for economic development and prosperity in the country. UML leader Pokhrel said so while inspecting 8 km long road stretch from Mohari--East West Highway zero point of the under construction Nighgard-Kathmandu fast track at Nighgard in Bara district today. He also praised the work carried out by the Nepali Army for the construction of one of the national pride projects. UML general secretary, who is leading party's ministers in Oli-led government said "No one should be susceptible about the project completion. I have committed to complete the project in stipulated time frame at any cost." Addressing locals after inspection of the fast track, Minister Pokhrel reiterated government has given top priority for economic development in the nation. He also expected all kinds of support from all walks of lives for achieving a common dream of economic prosperity.  "The country has moved ahead in term of political impasse," Minister shared. "Government would move accordingly for achieving common goal in the future." Pokhrel shared. Meanwhile, Defence secretary Binod KC, Forest and Environment secretary Dr. Yog Dhoj DC, Nepali Army Fast Track Project Chief Yogendra Bahadur Khand Thakuri among other were present on the occasion. Likewise, Nighgard Municipality mayor Suresh Kumar Khanal, Fast track airport construction and management committee coordinator Rabiraj Dangal informed Minister Pokhrel about the impact of the project in the area.