‘No freedom under communism’

Pokhara, November 29

Nepali Congress President and Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba today accused the left alliance of trying to impose single party rule in the country in the name of presidential system.

Addressing an election campaign in Pokhara today, Deuba argued that though people are most powerful in democracy, they are terrorised under communism. “The left alliance intends to finish off democratic forces in the country. Hence, all of us should cast our ballots for the Nepali Congress for the sake of democracy,” said Deuba.

“We deposed the king and abolished Rana regime for democracy and promulgated the new statute for the rights of the people. Hence, we should not let any force snatch away people’s hard-earned rights. There is no freedom of press, freedom of expression, human rights. There is no impartial justice under communism,” argued Deuba. He said communist forces were not accepted as a democratic force in the international scene as well. Foreign investors and Nepali nationals will be discouraged if communist forces form the government.

Meanwhile, senior leader of the party Ramchandra Paudel said the left alliance was not in favour of the country, people and democracy.  Similarly, the party’s General Secretary Shashank Koirala said the country would move forward towards prosperity with proper implementation of the statute. He claimed that the NC was that force in the country, which could take the country towards prosperity.


Economic prosperity possible only in democracy: PM Deuba

POKHARA: The Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has accused the leftist alliance of plotting to bring totalitarianism regime in the name of presidential rule in Nepal.

Addressing a mass election rally in Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City on Wednesday, Leader Deuba said people's are the owner of democracy however, the leftist alliance are trying to put them in threat.

"The leftist alliance are trying to derail democracy from the nation. To safeguard democracy forever you have to vote for Nepali Congress," PM Deuba appealed to the voters.

He also stressed that NC always led from the front for democracy. Since 1951 NC has fought against Rana, Panchyat and Monarchy.

"New constitution has been formulated, the rights of people should not be taken away. Communist regime would take away people's right, human rights, press freedom, fair judiciary system. NC would always stand for democracy and people's right," NC President Deuba shared.

"Economic prosperity being a dominating issue today, with the establishment of communism in the county, potential foreign direct investors would shy away from investing in Nepal, even the domestic investors would hesitate to invest here" Deuba lamented.

Lately, major leaders have been addressing mass election rallies organised by their parties prior to the second phase of House of Representatives and State Assemblies elections on December 7.

Earlier, Nepal commenced the first phase parliamentary and state assembly elections in 32 districts on November 26.