Eight huts razed in squatters’ settlement

Biratnagar, February 25

Biratnagar Metropolitan City today used a dozer to demolish eight huts built in the unregistered land located at a place near Paropakarghat of Ward No. 1.

A dispute had erupted between locals and the team deployed for the demolition. The huts were razed in the presence of police personnel. DSP Man Bahadur Rai said police had provided security to those who pulled down the huts as requested by the metropolis.

More than 100 families had been living in the squatters’ settlement. Earlier, the metropolis had notified eight families living on the roadside to vacate the public road three times.

Chief Administrative Officer Ekdev Adhikari of the metropolis said his office had used the dozer to raze the huts after locals defied the order of the metropolis.