Parbat, December 3

Eight of the 11 micro-hydro projects developed by the joint venture of the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank, and the Nepal government around fifteen years ago in the rural parts of Parbat are no longer operational.

The locally-operated micro hydro-power projects were closed after the national grid began supplying electricity to the villages.

Projects such as the 12 kilo watt Aghuwakhola Micro Hydro Power Project in south Parbat, the 7.5 kW Gadhisiddha project at Pangrang, the 11 kW Bachchhakhola project, the 12 kW Gedikhola project at Huwas, the 16 kW Dhuwakot project at Bhorle Village Development Committee, and the 16 kW Ghattekhola project in Kyang Village Development Committee have been closed.

Only projects such as the 27 kW Thadokhola project in Bhuktang Village Development Committee, the 6 kW Chhaharekhola project at Bhoksing Village Development Committee, and the 9 kW Charchharekhola project remain operational, according to Chief of the District Development Committee Energy Section Manju Shilakar.

Although the power produced locally was cheaper, consumers prefer the supply of electricity from the national grid for various reasons, she said.

Efforts are reportedly going on to revive the closed projects.