Elderly woman looking after blind son

Dadeldhura, October 27

A septuagenarian Kaushila BK, of Amargadhi municipality-2 in Dadeldhura, has been taking care of her visually impaired son.

BK’s youngest son Sibalal, 32, is congenitally blind and she has been taking care of him since nine years after her husband passed away.

“My eldest son doesn’t care for us and I am the only one left to look after my blind son,” she said.

According to BK, they have been surviving on the money they receive as allowances. “My old age allowance and Sibalal’s disability allowance total up to Rs 4,000 each month.

We make do with that amount,” she said.

She also often asks for help with her neighbours as the allowance money is barely enough for the two.