Elected MP, alleged carnage conspirator Resham Chaudhary surrenders

DHANGADHI: Elected Member of Parliament Resham Chaudhary, who was on the wanted list of police and had been hiding since he was accused of plotting the Tikapur carnage, has surrendered at the Kailali district court today.

According to the court's registrar Indra Bahadur Kathayat, the court may order judicial custody or remand him on bail as per the court's proceedings, chapter number 118.

The alleged mastermind of Tikapur carnage, Resham Chaudhary, has been making statements at Justice Parshuram Bhattarai's bench number two.

Chaudhary has won parliamentary first-past-the-post election from Kailali Constituency No. 1 on Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal’s ticket. The elected MP fielded his nomination paper through his attorney and won the election by a margin of more than 20,000 votes. However, he has not received the election victory certificate.

A petition was filed by Chaudhary through his attorney Sunil Kumar Chauhan against a refusal order of SC Chief Registrar Nahakul Subedi, who refused to issue Chaudhary’s election victory certificate to his wife who he had authorised to receive it. The Supreme Court validated its Chief Registrar Subedi’s refusal order attached to his petition on December 15.

Petitioner Chaudhary surrendered following the observation made by the SC that the petitioner, against whom an arrest warrant was issued in Tikapur killing case, had not faced trial, but disobeyed the arrest warrant. “A person, who has been indicted in a case, must seek acquittal as per the law following legal process. The petitioner does not appear to have fulfilled this requirement,” the SC observed.

According to Police Inspector Indra Bahadur Malla at the District Police Office, Dhangadhi, Chaudhary surrendered at 10:45 am today.