EC's decision appropriate in Bharatpur incident: Minister Nayak

BHAKTAPUR: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Ajay Shankar Nayak on Sunday, said that the Election Commission has taken an appropriate decision of conducting re-poll in ward 19 of  the Bharatpur Metropolitan City.

Addressing an interaction programme in Bhaktapur, Nayak urged the main opposition CPN-UML to accept the EC's decision. Nayak said that the House obstruction by the UML over the decision of the independent constitutional body, is not the positive course of action.

Referring to the past example of re-polling when the UML cadres tore ballot papers, Minister Nayak opined the CPN-UML's protest against the re-poll is meaningless. Thus the re-poll in Bharatpur Metropolis should not be questioned, he added.

"The EC's decision is mandatory for all and CPN-UML is no exception" said the CPN Maoist Centre leader.

He suggested that the UML should put the obstruction of the Parliament to an end. Mentioning that the House is going to elect a new Prime Minister, Nayak said that UML should not disrupt the process.

UML's such action would affect the second phase of local level elections, said Nayak.