The Election Commission (EC) has decided against the actions taken by rival factions of the Janata Samajbadi Party-Nepal.

It has, thus, decided to leave the office-bearers' enlistment in the party's registration book as it is.

The EC stated Sunday that the position leaders, that were taken action against by the warring factions, will remain unchanged.

Earlier, Upendra Yadav led faction of the JSP-N, on the basis of majority in the executive committee, had removed co-chair Mahanta Thakur and four other leaders from the party.

I'm retaliation, Thakur had sacked Upendra Yadav as the serving chairman of the central committee of the Samajbadi Party, Nepal.

The at-odds groups had approached the commission requesting it to take note of the actions.

However, the EC, stating that there were not adequate legal grounds or facts that supporter either of the groups' claims, rejected to approve of the request to update the records.