EC publishes final PR list

Kathmandu, November 19

The Election Commission today unveiled the final list of provincial and parliamentary proportional representation candidates submitted by political parties.

According to a press release issued by EC Spokesperson Navaraj Dhakal, 2,273 candidates are contesting parliamentary PR elections across the country. Similarly, 3,565 candidates are contesting provincial PR elections.

Out of 2,273 in the parliamentary PR list 1,048 are male and 1,224 are female. Likewise, among, the 3,565 PR provincial candidates, 1,572 are male and 1,993 are female.

The poll panel said that there are 577 PR provincial candidates in Province 1, 804 in Province 2, 774 in Province 3, 310 in Province 4, 604 in Province 5, 206 in Province 6, and 281 in Province 7.

Of the total candidates in the PR list, 767 males and 889 females are Adivasi, and others - one, 845 males and 947 females are Khas/Arya, 155 males and 249 females are Tharu, 336 males and 459 females are Dalits, 437 males and 535 females Madhesis, and 80 males and 146 females are Muslims.

Out of 88 political parties registered with the EC, only 49 parties had submitted their closed list for Parliamentary PR list. The EC said that 53 parties had submitted closed list of candidates for provincial PR elections.

As per the schedule, parties had submitted the closed list of PR candidates to the EC on October 15. The EC had let parties correct their name lists from October 16 to 23. Parties had submitted amended lists of candidates to the EC between October 23 and 29.

The EC let people lodge complaints against candidates from November 4 to 10. The EC scrutinised complaints between November 11 and 17 and notified about candidate(s) removed from the closed list on November 18.

EC spokesperson Navaraj Dhakal said that the EC published the names of parties’ PR candidates as per the priority order submitted by the respective parties, but after the election the EC would select the names of the parties’ winning candidates in proportion. The poll panel said it had removed names of 256 candidates from the PR list.