KATHMANDU: The inefficient entry system which has been creating

nuisance to visitors at Singha Durbar, where the country’s apex administrative bodies

are located, will be a thing of

the past soon, thanks to the installation of fibre optic system at its main gate.

As per the plan, the entry pass system will be transferred into electronic version. It can be experienced right from the main gate where the electronic version will display the visitor’s name. “Before the installation of the system, each time the name of the visitors was to be submitted to the gate. We’ve started and this will be completely replaced by electronic system soon,” said Dr Subarna Shakya, executive director, Government Integrated Data Centre (GIDC).

The fibre connection has been already installed in all the ministries inside the Singha Durbar compound which is being monitored from the newly built office of the GIDC.

“We’re providing the internet service to the ministries.

The data storage and transfer system will be launched shortly,” said Shakya.

Ministry of General Administration (MoGA), Ministry of Law, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Information and Communications have already availed of the facility while others are yet to take the benefit.

GIDC is the first ever data storing house the government has set up. The newly built well-equipped centre has the data storage capacity of 27 terabytes with additional storage facilities.

With this, backup ministries have geared up their plan

for electronic version. MoGA

is planning to connect fibre

links to its central and regional training centres.