Mahout killed in tiger attack in Chitwan National Park

CHITWAN: A man has been killed in a tiger attack in an intermediate community forest of Chitwan National Park today. Previously, a person was killed by a tiger two days ago on Saturday in the western part of Chitwan district.

The deceased has been identified as Babana Chaudhary (55) of Ratnanagar Municipality-6 in Chitwan district.

According to information officer and assistant conservation officer at CNP, Ashok Ram, Chaudhary was attacked by a tiger while he had gone to graze a domestic elephant into Kumroj Intermediate Community Forest. Chaudhary was cutting grass and collecting foliage when suddenly, the big cat pounced on him.

Officer Ram said Chaudhary had reached the site where the big cat had preyed on a deer. Body of Chaudhary was found near the place where he was killed.

Meanwhile, the CNP has darted and captured the tiger that killed the man and devoured the body on Saturday. The tiger has been kept at the CNP office in Kasara.