Embankment along Kankai River brings joy to locals

Jhapa, December 22

The construction of embankments along the Kankai river has brought joys to locals of Baniyani in Jhapa district.

The locals hope that they will now be saved from the wrath of the Kankai river. Every year during monsoon, the flooded river causes widespread damage in the area, washing away agricultural land and inundating human settlements.

Sikin Paswan of Shiva Satakshi-4 said, “Many people here have become squatters due to erosion by the Kankai river. Fear grips us when rainy season arrives, every year,” he said.

Another local, Biren Rajbanshi expressed confidence that the problem of inundation and erosion would be addressed for good. “The monsoon season have been difficult for us, every year. I hope things will be easy now,” he said.

Man Bahadur Thapa of Lalpani in Shiva Satakshi Municipality-7 said he lost his land and house to floods in the river. Thapa also pointed out the need to construct embankment on both sides of the river. Construction of embankments on the Chandradangi-Bhelamuni stretch in Shiva Satakshi Municipality is under way, according to site engineer Durga Prasad Sharma. The total project cost is Rs 50 million.