Embankment built to protect Singati Bazaar

Dolakha, October 11

The construction of an embankment built to protect human settlements in Dolakha’’s Singati Bazaar has been completed recently.

Earlier, around 400 houses of the bazaar were at risk of erosion by local Tamakoshi and Singati rivers. A master plan was conceived by Water-induced Disaster Management Division Office last year to protect the settlement from the rivers.

According to the office’’s Division Chief Engineer Narayan Prasad Subedi, the embankment was built at the cost of Rs 60 million.

“After completion of the embankment that took one year, now we’ve started another project worth Rs 50 million,” Subedi said. Swachchhanda Khani JV had been awarded the project.

Twenty-nine persons had lost their lives in the mega earthquake two years ago in Singati. In the wake of the quake, experts had pointed out the threat to the bazaar from floods and landslides.