Emergency not over yet: UN


The United Nations has said that Nepal is still in the emergency even after three months since the April 25 earthquake rattled the country.

In a statement, the United Nations’ Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs on Friday said hundreds of thousands of people are still awaiting urgent humanitarian response, including food and shelters.

“The emergency is not over yet,” said Jamie McGoldrick, Humanitarian Coordinator in Nepal. “As long as humanitarian needs persist, relief agencies will continue to support the government in addressing these vulnerabilities and ensuring the survival of communities affected”.

The global body said monsoon weather has further exposed quake survivors to more hazards while delay in customs clearance has also added to challenges for aid agencies. Meanwhile, the UN said it could collect only half of $422 million humanitarian appeal it sought in the last three months.

“To date, only $210 million, or 50 per cent, has been received in response to the appeal,” the UN said, adding, “An additional $222 million in support to post-earthquakes relief activities was provided directly to the Government of Nepal on bilateral and in kind basis.”