Employees against splitting of NEA

Kathmandu, January 5:

Employees of the Nepal Electricity Authority are set to urge the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to stop its assistance for Nepal for unbundling of the government-owned monopoly institution that now works on generation, transformation and distribution of electricity.

“We have just decided to write to the ADB to immediately stop its assistance as it is not going to be suitable for a developing country like Nepal. We don’t want the Asian Development Bank to make Nepal its experiment table,” said Dhruba Kumar Upreti, the chairman of NEA Employee Association, told this daily.

He said that the government plan of unbundling got a boost as the Asian Development Bank sh-owed interest to finance it.

The government has recently decided to unbundle its segments and invite private managers for ‘better performance’, while the employees’ organisations and energy expert have been protesting against it.

They say an ordinance alone cannot make such a change in the country’s time-tested institution, that will cast long-lasting impact on the management of the country’s vast natural resources.