Nepal | November 15, 2019

Everest, Lhotse draw blank this autumn as Kilian Jornet, Garrett Madison abandon climbing bids

Jornet claims he reached at 8,400m

Rajan Pokhrel

KATHMANDU: The world’s highest mountain is all set to draw a complete blank in the autumn climbing season after a group of mountaineers today abandoned their bids citing a bad weather condition, according to the expedition organisers.

“All climbers today gave up their attempts to climb Mt Everest and Mt Lhotse in the autumn season,” Iswari Paudel, Managing Director at Himalayan Guides, said.

Spanish ultra-runner Kilian Jornet claimed that he abandoned his summit push immediately after he reached the final point to make a summit push above South Col at 8,400 m, base camp officials quoted Jornet as saying.

Jornet along with two other members of his team was also supposed to scale Mt Lhotse this season.

Earlier, Polish climbers including ski daredevil Andrzej Leszek Bargiel today decided to abandon their attempt to climb the world’s highest peak in the autumn season, according to expedition organiser.

Renowned climber Garrett Madison and his fellow American climbers Zac Bookman and Kristin Bennett also abandoned their bids as a hanging serac near icefall section posed a great risk to the climbers on Mt Everest and Mt Lhotse this season, according to Paudel.

Earlier, Polish climbers Andrzej Leszek Bargiel, Andrzej’s brother Grzegorz Bargiel and Jakub Poburka along with their five base camp staff and filming crew have called off their bid to make a very rare ascent of Mt Everest due to a high risk of avalanche in the treacherous icefall section.

Among 10 members who obtained climbing permits for autumn Everest expedition, at least three climbers including the president of Mountain Hardwear Brand Joe Vernachio, Tim Emmett from UK and Polish climber Rafal Maciej Fronia along with their filming crew had also abandoned their climbing activities on Mt Everest.

“All climbers, who are now at Lukla, have been waiting for fair weather to fly back to Kathmandu.”


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