Exercise caution while going for CA: Sangraula

Kathmandu, May 2:

The director of the Kathmandu School of Law, Yubraj Sangraula, today said all sectors should be very careful while holding elections to a Constituent Assembly.

“Holding election to the Constituent Assembly (CA) and drafting a constitution after that is a long and volatile process. If people fail in it, the result may be a constitution more dangerous and undemocratic.”

He was presenting a concept on structure, process and characteristics of a constituent assembly at the Nagarik Awaz.

He presented ways through which a country can go for a CA and draft a constitution. According to him, the cabinet may decide on elections to the assembly and bring it in the House for discussion. He said the king can also announce a CA and the cabinet can hold the elections to it. The house may also draft an interim constitution and an interim government would hold the elections as per the statute.

The government can also hold a referendum on key issues like monarchy or a federal structure. He further said the government can also prepare a constitution and then hold a referendum to see if people accept it.