Experts warn big landslides in Lamjung villages

LAMJUNG: The Bhoje and Chipla villages in Lamjung district are at high risk of landslide since the incessant rainfall triggered landslips every year.

According to Lila Kumari Tiwari, ward secretary, as many as 30 households are on the verge of displacement due to the risk.

The villagers are having sleepless nights because of the fear, she added.

The landslides have already swept away the arable land in both the villages.

New road constructed every year for movement also had adverse impacts, further informed Tiwari.

According to Bel Bahadur Gurung, who was displaced in the landslip said, “About eight households have been displaced in the landslide in Chiple and 38 more are at high risk of being displaced.”

An expert team mobilised by the government has suggested to relocate the whole village to some safe place as there was risk of mega landslide.

Though the government has invested huge amount of money to sort the problem, the budget allocation is insufficient to control the landslip, said Local Development Administrator Silli Ram Sigdel.

If the landslip occurs, it will be a mega landslide in the country, experts warned.