Experts warn of huge tremor in near future

Himalayan News Service

Kavre, January 15:

Experts have predicted the possibility of occurance of a huge tremor with Gosainthan of anepa municipality as the epicentre. They added that the earthquake may measure as much as 7.6 in the Richter scale.

According to Surya Narayan Shrestha, an engineer with the Natinal Society for Earthquake echnology, the assumption was made after calculation of radius of recent tremor patterns. here were 124 small magnitude earthquakes after 1938 and that the impending one could be more dangerous. Earthquake experts have stressed on preventive measures like construction of earthquake resistant homes, awareness on earthquake preparedness and other methods to minimise potential human and non-human loss.

It is said that of the 3,600 houses of Banepa, only seven per cent are earthquake resistant and an estimation suggested that in the next five years there will be some 4,500 more ouses.

Over 63 per cent of the houses here had been constructed 20 years ago and 50 per cent of them are not concrete ones. Five per cent of the houses of the municipality have five stories.

Meanwhile, the speakers at a programme organised to mark the Earthquake Safety Day-2061 held in Banepa today suggested adoption of precautionary measures to avoid loss of lives during earthquakes. Kavre CDO Shambhu Koirala said precaution on time could avert huge loss.