Three explosive devices found in Lamjung District

LAMJUNG: A bomb disposal unit of Nepal Army on Saturday has successfully disposed two out of the three explosive devices placed in three areas of the district.

The incendiaries were spotted by the locals in Paudi Bazaar of Sundar Bazaar Muniucipality-7, Dui Piple in Madhya Nepal Municipality and Site Office of the Upper Marshyangdi Hydropower in Marshyangdi Rural Municipality.

Upon spotting the suspicious devices placed at Dui Piple Gate along Damuli-Borletaar road section and Lamjung entry point at Paudi Gate, the fearful locals called upon Nepal Army who then disposed the bombs.

However, an explosive device placed at Site Office of the Upper Marshayangdi Hydropower Project is yet to be disposed. According to the authorities, a bomb disposal unit is on its way to the hydel project's office.