Extraction from rivers on the rise

Nawalparasi, December 16

Illegal extraction from rivers has been going on unabated in Nawalparasi of late.

Export of sand, and boulders without legal contract has been on the rise for a long time. Despite the continuous appeal of locals to curb the illegal activity, the administration has turned a deaf ear.

Even police have slumped into inaction.

According to locals, extraction, particularly along Turiyakhola, Bhumahi, Badera and other river banks in Sunawal, has been taking place in collusion with the police department.

“At least 20 to 235 tractors of materials are smuggled during a single night,” complained locals.

The vehicles involved in smuggling ply from Lumbini Builders Crusher Udhyog along Tuyriyakhola. The smugglers have piled some extracted materials near the crusher industry as well.

Planning Officer Prakash Panthi at District Development Committee said that the office had received complaints about the smuggling.

“The largest volume of the river materials, it is said, have been smuggled from Sunawal area,” he said.

According to DDC, a ban has been imposed on extraction and export of construction materials from rivers of the region, which comprise as many as 29 VDCs and six municipalities of the district.