Failed state tag looms: Ex-envoys

Kathmandu, February 11:

Former diplomats and foreign policy experts said today the country was heading towards a “failed-state” status because of weakening economic conditions, mishandling of foreign policy and political stalemate among the major stakeholders. They suggested the major political stakeholders to come together to bail the country out of the political crisis by revival of the House of Representatives.

“We are heading towards a failed state tag because of deteriorating economic conditions, immature handling of national foreign policy and political deadlock among stakeholders,” said former secretary general Dr Yadav Kant Silwal at an interaction programme at the Reporters’ Club here.

Silwal suggested it could in no way be called an intervention in the country’s internal affairs if and when the international community voices concerns about the country’s situation.

He voiced objections over the frequent use of the army to quell the civilian conflict. The Armed Police Force and civilian police wings should have been strengthened to deal with civilian conflict, Silwal suggested.

Former ambassador to China, Rajeshwor Acharya, advised the government to listen what major countries in global politics had suggested to Nepal.

“The concerns voiced by countries such as India, China, the USA and the UK must not be taken lightly as these countries are major actors in international politics,” he said. “The government has been totally isolated and defeated from the diplomatic point of view.”

Former ambassador to the US, Bishwo Pradhan, suggested that the King form a task force of independent individuals for national reconciliation among the major political forces. Joint general secretary of the NC, Dr Ram Sharan Mahat, said that UN intervention in Nepal could not be ruled out on humanitarian grounds, given the government’s insensitivity towards the ongoing bloodshed.