Fake quake victim kids recommended for China visit

Kavre, November 24

Irregularities have been reported in the recommendation of names of earthquake victim children in Kavre, who were entitled to embark on a China tour soon.

According to sources, district child rights committee Chairperson Ram Kumar Mulmi and child rights officer Jayaram Karmacharya have selected their kin and fake victims acting under political influence.

As per the programme, four children (quake victims) from Kavre will go for China tour from December 11 to 17 on government quota. But not a single child from among the recommended children is a genuine quake victim.

Among the children recommended are Binu Tamang of Chapakhori, Sanjiv Neupane of Kashikhanda Municipality, Bisu Bade of Banepa Municipality, Rabina Jangam of Dhulikhel. Rabina is the niece of committee member Radhav Jangam, and quake victim identity cards for Binu and Bisu were made just recently acting under political influence.

Attempts to learn about the selection procedure went in vain as Mulmi refused to comment on the issue and Karmacharya, saying he was out of station during the selection process. Interestingly, Mulmi, who is also Nepali Congress former district secretary, has been hogging the post of committee chair for the past 20 years despite the concerned act that allows only four years’ stint for anyone in the committee.

Meanwhile, district child network former official Ram Sundar Acharya filed a complaint with the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority, central child rights committee, national vigilance centre and the district administration, citing irregularities in the selection process.

Accusing Mulmi and Karmacharya of selecting the children on their whim, Acharya sought the revocation of recommendations and action against those responsible of making such recommendations. Chief District Officer Madan Bhujel, who is also the protector of the committee, said investigation into the case was under way.