Families of flood victims still living in tents


Flood-affected families in the southern part of Humla district have been living in tents for the last six months.

As many as 24 families belonging to the Dalit community at Uttiseni, Tanjakot Rural Municipality, are braving the winter under makeshift tarpaulin tents.

Although these families have been urging the district authorities since July for relocation to a safe area, their pleas have not been heard.

These families were displaced after floods damaged their houses.

“The flood and landslide washed away our shelter and whatever property we had in July. We cannot afford to construct new houses as we are poor and are living in tents,” said Sarpala Sarki. He added they had no money even to manage food for their families as they could not work during the lockdown imposed to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of the families earn their livelihood through wage labour.

Another local Mohan Ramtel said although various governmental and non-governmental organisations, the province government and the local levels, promised them relief, they were yet to get it. “It seems the government makes false promises. We are barely making ends meet with the little assistance and relief various NGOs have been providing us,” he said.

The Navajyoti Samaj Sanstha and Buddhist Foundation distributed one tent to each family recently, said Thinley Dorje Lama, president of the Sanstha. Meanwhile, both organisations distributed rice grains to the 33 flood-hit families of Aadanchuli Rural Municipality in the district.