Family mourns Ghanashyam’s death

NAWALPARASI: Family members of Ghanashyam Sarki, who lost his life in a ship capsize at Qatar on Tuesday, were still not informed about the death of their sole breadwinner when this scribe visited their home this morning.

Ghanashyam's wife Menuka was shocked when this scribe informed her about the tragic incident at their home in Prasauni-9 in Nawalparasi district. "I had heard on the radio that Ghanshyam Sarki of Hupsekot-8 was missing in a ship capsize. But I never thought that he was my husband," a grieving Menuka said.

According to Menuka, Ghanshyam had informed her over phone on Monday night that he had stopped working in a factory and had started to work in shipping line. "He met the tragedy a day after he joined the new job," she added. The entire village mourned the death of Ghanashyam today.

Ghanshyam, who used to make his living as a daily-wage worker, had gone to Qatar five months ago by paying Rs 90,000. He had sold his ancestral land to pay the recruiting agency. Ghanashyam was a father of two sons.

"I am deeply shocked by the sudden and untimely demise of my son," Man Kumari, Ghanashyam's mother, said.

Dipak BK, a local, said Ghanashyam's two elder brothers were in India in course of their jobs. "He had four sisters," BK added

"My husband had gone to Qatar to ensure a bright future for our children. Who will look after my children now?" a mourning Menuka questioned.

The aggrieved family has urged the concerned authorities to help bring Ghanashyam's body at the earliest.