Far-west region gears up to celebrate Bisu

Dhangadi, April 13

Locals in the far-west region are preparing to celebrate Bisu on the first day of the Nepali New Year.

With people from the region who had gone to foreign countries returning, the region is gearing up for the festivities and reuniting with family members after a long time.

The vehicles for Dhangadi from Mahendranagar were full of youths returning from India for Bisu. Dipak Sharki, a local from Dauda Doti, said that the market was vibrant and full of people. “It was mostly filled with a large number of youths returning from India for Bisu.”

Vehicles from the Tarai region to rural areas were also filled with people heading home for a quick reunion on the auspicious occasion.

Bisu is usually celebrated in a grand manner, often with Deuda dance and a local fair, in the far-west region. Locals also play with sisnu — stinging nettle plant. They believe that they will be freed from the past year’s sins if they are touched with sisnu.