Far-Western University padlocked

KANCHANPUR: Students associated with the Nepal Students Union (NSU), Kanchanpur, padlocked the Far-Western University on Sunday demanding resignation of the University Registrar Dwijjraj Bhatta.

As a result, teaching-learning activities have been disrupted.

Students of morning shift have been compelled to return home due to this, according to the University Administration.

Students associated with the All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) hurled a chair at the NSU leader Purohit Badu and injured him when a discussion was underway among the students unions in the presence of University Vice-Chancellor, Bhusan Shrestha, to end the stalemate in the University since long.

The NSU said that students associated with the ANNFSU attacked Badu with the support of Registrar Bhatta.

Kishor Prasad Joshi of the NSU said that they were compelled to padlock the University demanding resignation of registrar Bhatta for his involvement in the incident.

He said that they would continue the padlock until action is taken against the guilty.

Meanwhile, issuing a press release, central committee of the NSU demanded action against the guilty.