Farmers have hard time selling rice


Local farmers in Kailali are finding it hard to sell their rice due to delay on the part of Food Management and Trade Company.

The farmers have to wait for their turn to sell their product. They said farmers had thronged the outlets and were facing problems due to delay from the company’s side. The farmers added they were forced to spend nights on the road in the process.

Ram Charan Chaudhary, a farmer of Joshipur Rural Municipality, said he had spent six cold nights on the road to sell rice. “With much difficulty, I received a token to sell rice, but do not know how many days I will have to wait for the rice to get sold.”

Chaudhary said farmers were forced to wait for turn for many days as there was only one weighing machine at the site. “What can be done? Nobody understands the plight of farmers.”

Farmers have to go to the authority concerned for fertiliser and other materials during the planting season and they said they had to face many problems while selling their products.

Surendra Chaudhary, a staff with the weighing machine section, admitted the problems. Farmers have been thronging FMTC after it started buying rice at Rs 2,735 per quintal.

Farmers had planted paddy in 71,715 hectares land in Kailai. They have to now prepare the land for wheat after selling paddy. Company Chief Anil Shrestha said the company had bought 24,000 quintal rice till date. “Rice purchase was delayed due to limited manpower,” he said.