Farmers stressed as vegetables waste away in farms amid lockdown

BHOJPUR: The government imposed nationwide lockdown since March 24 has begun to take its toll on the farmers in Bhojpur district.

The vegetables have been left to rot in the fields as farmers fail to find access to commercial markets consequential to the lockdown.

The farmers are stressed as the lockdown has halted the transportation of vegetables. Moreover, the shutting of weekly markets has further narrowed the farmers' alternatives.

Vegetables failing to find commercial markets has disabled the farmers to carry out their regular expenses as their only source of income has been disrupted.

The farmers have had to comprise on the prices of their agricultural produces, usually much lower than than the market rate, in the wake of coronavirus crisis.

"As a result of shutting down of the weekly market, the vegetables have started to waste away in the fields," lamented Pashupati Rai, a farmer from Bhojpur Municipality.