Father-son reunion after 67 years

ITAHARI: Though it appears to be a surreal story, it is not by any means.

Bharatmani Guragain, 67, a resident of Kanchanbari in Biratnagar, who had been longing to see his father, was able to materialise his long-cherished dream after 67 years a few days ago.

As Guragain met his father — Ram Chandra, 85 — face-to-face in their home after such a long gap, the scene was no different like that of a popular movie. Both of them, who hugged each other in their tight embrace, could not utter a single word, rather tears continued rolling down their cheeks due to the unexpected happiness.

“Tears just rolled down my eyes at the joy of meeting my father after such a long gap,” said Guragain, recalling the momentous day.

When Guragain returned to Nepal from India after 67 years, he found a larger family. Except sons and daughter-in-laws, he had five grandchildren and five great grandchildren. His wife, who had waited him for 52 years hoping for his return, passed away some 14 years ago.

He had gone to Titilagarh in Orrisa of India where he married a girl and settled there. He worked in a bank there. “Time sometimes makes us cruel. I, though wanted to return, couldn’t make it to my home due to my job and wife there,” he said.

According to him, he has two daughters, three sons, 11 grandchildren and a great grandson from his second wife in India.

The return was possible after a neighbor in Titilagarh established contact with Ram Chandra’s family back in Nepal.

“A neighbour did all favour to contact my elder sister-in-law. Thereafter, it was possible to make contact with father,” he revealed. He had talked to his father over phone prior to meeting him.

“I was so excited talking with father for the first time over the phone that I could not speak any word. I was just spellbound listening to his talking then,” he added.

“I placed a dhakatopi I had carried with me on my father’s head when I met him for the first time,” he recalled the precious moment. Ram Chandra too said that he was very happy meeting his missing son after 67 years.