Fear among storm victims yet to subside

Bara, April 21

The fear of another disaster (storm) has yet to end among storm victims even though three weeks have passed in Bara and Parsa districts.

People in these districts became homeless after the natural disaster displaced them on March 31. The victims have been sheltering under makeshift tents distributed by different government and non-government organisations. The victims’ fear has not ended due to wind storms following hailstones almost daily.

“How long are we to take shelter? Wind storm and hailstone have been occurring on a daily basis,” said Nagendra Das, a victim.  He added that tension had increased as the children started crying whenever there was thunderbolt.

Not just Nagendra’s family, but families displaced by the storm have the same fear when lightning is seen in the sky. “Children and women start to cry every time there is lightning and thunder,” said Chandrika Das, a local. She added they would feel secure to some extent if the government built houses for displaced victims.

The storm victims at Purainya, Bharbaliya, Khutuwa, Prasauni of Bara are compelled to spend sleepless nights every time there is rainfall and storm in the affected areas.

Chairman of Prasauni Rural Municipality Bhola Prasad Gupta said women and children are still traumatised.