Kathmandu, July 12:

General secretary of the CPN-UML Jhala Nath Khanal said today that the February 28 agreement inked between the government and the then United Democratic Madhesi Front was flawed and that it should be reviewed for the greater good of the nation.

“We are against Clauses 2 and 5 of the agreement, which are erroneous,” Khanal said, addressing the national-level gathering of the UML-affiliated Sampark Manch in Balkhu.

According to the Clauses 2 and 5 of the agreement, Madhes would be declared an autonomous Pradesh (State) and the “group-wise entry” of the Madhesi communities in the Nepal Army would be ensured.

Prime Minister GP Koirala had signed the agreement on behalf of the government; three Madhesi leaders had signed it on behalf of the then UMDF.

“We will never accept this agreement because it intends to disintegrate the nation. This pact was inked keeping the Seven-Party Alliance’s talks team in the dark. The SPA was not consulted before signing of the agreement in Baluwatar,” Khanal said.

It was not appropriate to hold the election reaching such an agreement that compromises with sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of the country, he said, adding: “Holding CA polls was not a greater issue than protecting the national interest”.

“A treaty signed by two sovereign countries is reviewed if it undermines national interest of any country. Why cannot an the agreement reached between the government and an agitating group reviewed for the sake of national interest?” he questioned, referring to the demand for replacing the 1950’s Friendship Treaty between Nepal and India with a new one.

He also appealed to the Madhesi parties to better utilise the CA and secure rights of all the people. He termed the Madhes-based parties’ move to obstruct the legislative session of the CA for two weeks on the issue of autonomy totally “undemocratic” and “unwanted”.