Kathmandu, March 22 Upendra Yadav-led Federal Socialist Forum Nepal wrote back to the Rastriya Janata Party on unity talks issues, saying that the two parties needed to focus on larger issues, particularly the emancipation of marginalised communities rather than indulging in the blame game. FSF-N Chair Yadav wrote the letter on behalf of the party stating that the two parties needed to hold unity talks keeping in mind the situation of the country and the interests of the public. The FSF-N wrote the letter in response to a letter written by the RJP-N in which it had asked the former to quit the government. “Party unification talks should not be constrained just because one of our two parties is in the government and another in the opposition,” the FSF-N stated in its letter. The FSF-N said that participation in the government was not a policy issue but only a matter of strategy or working strategy which could be changed as per the need and contexts. “Convergence of objectives, policies, programmes, principles and ideology is a must for unity between two parties,” the FSF-N wrote in its letter. The FSF-N said the two parties could move the unity talks ahead by agreeing to the fact that once the two parties merged, it could easily take a decision whether to remain in the government or in the opposition or the two parties could take a decision on the issue on the basis of their mutual understanding and consent. Member of the RJP-N presidium Rajendra Mahato said if the FSF-N was truly committed to principles and ideology then it must quit the government and join hands with the public to force the government to accept the demands of Madhesi people. “We waited for one year but the government did not do anything to address our demands and in this situation I do not see any rationale for the FSF-N to continue to be a coalition partner in the KP Sharma-led government,” Mahato said, adding that the RJP-N was ready from the very beginning for merger with like-minded parties. “Merger between the six Madhesi parties that created RJP-N was a message that the party is ready for merger with other like-minded parties, but that time again the FSF-N did not show willingness to merge with the RJP-N,” Mahato added.