Yadav vows to launch nationwide stir

Kathmandu, March 12

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairperson Upendra Yadav has said his party is going to soon announce a nationwide agitation to press the government to fulfil the Madhesi forces’ demands.

Speaking at a press conference organised by Federal Press Forum in Rajbiraj today, the FSFN chief, clarified that the stir would be peaceful.

“As the government is moving ahead by ignoring the demands of the Madhes, there is no alternative other than agitation,” argued Yadav, adding, “As the seven-day ultimatum is expiring in two days, we will declare our protest programmes after holding a meeting of the alliance.”

Yadav’s party, FSF-N, is a constituent of a broader alliance — Federal Democratic Alliance.

Yadav blamed the government for the Saptari and Kanchanpur incidents.

“On the one hand, the government slew five commoners in Saptari, and on the other, failed to do its bit when some Indian security personnel stomped into Nepali territory and shot dead a Nepali youth. These incidents bear out the fact that the government has failed to ensure the safety of people,” said Yadav, who likened the Saptari incident to an attack on the entire Madhes and Madhesi populace.

Regarding the Kanchanpur incident, the Madhes-based leader sought fair investigation and asked the government to make public its findings.

Commenting on the proposed poll, the Madhes-based leader looked askance at the rationale behind the headlong rush into elections in the present circumstances.

“It’s not that we’re against election as such, but in the present scenario when statute amendment is yet to happen and our demands are far from being addressed, going to the election can’t and won’t be accepted,” declared the leader, who also saw the slated polls as a design to subvert the hard-earned gains including federalism.

Yadav hit out at communist parties describing them as a disgrace to the country. “The so-called communists in Nepal are imposters who are into politics by donning the mask of communism. In fact, it’s due to the same reason that the proletariat are faring very badly even after all these years of communist politics,” said the leader, who took the opportunity to declare that his party and the alliance would have to withdraw support to the government if the latter failed to address their demands within the deadline.