FSF-N rider for joining govt: Statute amendment

Kathmandu, January 28

Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chair Upendra Yadav today said that if the left alliance agreed to amend the constitution, his party could join the government.

Speaking at Reporters Club here today, Yadav said the left alliance had got the mandate to form the government and it did not need his party’s support for this, but if the left alliance still wanted his party to join the government then his party could do so provided the left alliance agreed to amend the statute.

Yadav said CPN-Maoist Centre and the Nepali Congress had agreed to amend the constitution in the past and now the ball was in the CPN-UML’s court. “We are disgruntled groups and we want to know what the left alliance’s views are on issues that concern Madhesis, Janajatis and other marginalised communities,” he added.

Yadav said without amending the constitution national issues would not be resolved. “The winning parties have not been able to form a government even after the election. This also highlights the fact that the constitution has to be amended,” he added.

Yadav said his party would form a government in Province 2 with the support of the Rastriya Janata Party-Nepal and other parties.

“Province 2 is the least endowed with resources. Province 2 government will have to tackle poverty, unemployment and backwardness,” he added. He said people of Province 2 and other provinces want their identity protected.