Pokhara, March 30

Federal Socialist Forum Vice-chairman Hemraj Rai stressed the need to amend the statute before holding polls. He urged the government and the major parties to amend the constitution as it had failed to guarantee the rights of the marginalised, Madhesi, Tharus and ethnic communities.

Addressing a protest rally organised by Tamuwan Joint Struggle Committee in Pokhara, Rai said, “The new statute has failed to incorporate rights and concerns of exploited and suppressed groups and communities.” Rai said it was unfortunate that he government had announced civic poll date before the statute was amended.

Demanding statute amendment, Rai warned of intensifying agitation across the country. “If the government tries to suppress us, it could turn violent,” Rai warned.

At the programme, Federal Democratic National Front Chair Kumar Lingden said they wanted their rights through peaceful agitation. He warned of stern protest if their agitation was suppressed. He urged ethnic communities, indigenous people, women and all other marginalised groups to be one and press the government for amendment.