Federalism complex, says German prof

Kathmandu, July 30:

A German professor today said federalism is a complex system.

“It is much easier to govern a country with unitary political system as the federalism is a complex system,” Professor Hans F Illy said while addressing a symposium organised by Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN) here.

The German professor said Germany had opted for the federal system because it is a mosaic of previously independent cities.

He said federal system cannot be possible without decentralisation and decentralisation ensures real levels of popular participation.

He said poor regions gets more attention in Germany and the term ‘autonomy’ is not in use there.

Professor Illy dwelt on comparative political systems with special reference to German setting.

During the function, Sushil Gyawali of MuAN presented a paper on “Federalism and Local Governments Restructuring for New Constitution of Nepal”.

Gyawali presented the present status of the study on future structure of local governments in federal republic of Nepal.