Kathmandu, January 27:

The CPN-UML affiliated Democratic Madhesi Organisation today urged the eight political parties and the government to amend the interim constitution, 2007 to ensure that elections to the constituent assembly are held on the basis of proportional representation and the state is restructured adopting federalism.

Coordinator of the Democratic Madhesi Organisation Raghubir Mahaseth appealed to all the Madhesi people to maintain restraint and not to give any communal colour to the agitation launched in the Terai.

In a press conference held at the UML party office at Balkhu, Mahaseth said that the movement being launched in the Terai region could be pacified, provided that the eight political parties and the government express their commitment to proportional representation system in constituent assembly election and restructure the state by adopting federalism.

The Madhesi people raised their voices for equality as they had been denied an access to policy-making level and the centre of power exercise for centuries, Mahaseth said, adding that the movement could not be defined as being led by “reactionary forces” but the “penetration of the regressive forces”, which had tried to take advantage of the situation, cannot be ruled out.

UML lawmaker Bansidhar Mishra demanded Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula’s resignation as the local administrations failed to maintain law and order and protect private and public property in some cities in the Terai. The grievances of the Terai community can be addressed if the government is committed to proportional representation system and federal system of government, Mishra said.